A Gamer's Wish: A GameLit Series (Hidden Wishes Book 1)


Given the opportunity to make his dreams comes true, Henry Tsien decides to make a wish that will change his life forever. Now a newly created, low-leveled Mage in a world that has hidden secrets and histories, he'll need to find a way to survive, level up and pay his rent.


My Opinion: 250 pages ??, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Henry is making a living purchasing goods at auction and reselling them. He buys an old briefcase and finds a genie inside that is willing to grant him three wishes. So, what’s the first thing he asks for? Magic powers granted to him in an RPG leveling scheme. Now Henry has to not only learn how to use his powers, but quest for experience, while earning a living in this newly exposed urban fantasy setting.

This is a urban fantasy LitRPG story. It doesn’t start out that way. It begins fairly normal. But as soon as Henry, the main character (MC), gets his magical powers he learns that magical creatures from every myth and legend exist and have just been using glamours to hide from us. Only, they’re more normal that he expected and mostly just want to live in peace and make a living.

The game mechanics in the story are pretty light but consistent. The MCs magical powers are gradually improved and his level of power and knowledge are increased each level he earns doing quests and practicing magic. Each level he gets new spells. He has a minimalist character sheet. There are experience and damage notifications created for the MC to see. But all the RPG stuff only applies to the MC. Magic and the supernatural are for urban fantasy for the rest of the world.

Overall, I had a good time reading the story. It’s a good slice of life action adventure story with good well balanced fight scenes. The MC never feels overpowered and struggles with each quest and challenge given. A good mix of urban fantasy with LitRPG.

Score: 7 out of 10

A Gamer's Wish: A GameLit Series (Hidden Wishes Book 1)