Cloud Dungeon: Fairy Wonderland


In the many parallel worlds filling the universe, earth is a rare world which possessed the largest amount of 'interference' from other worlds. The most common interference is the summoning of heroes and reincarnation. This story is no different except that in the process of calling the desired people, the efforts of three goddesses were messed with causing the summoned to not be the older brother or the father. Instead a four year old child was summoned.

Backed by her love of fairy tales and folklore, we shall see how this young child with the help of her lazy best friend and pet cat will change the very face of the world starting from a tiny cloud and becoming a dungeon filled with any and all fairy tales she had heard of and watched.


My Opinion: 315 pages, $4.50, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This story has an interesting premise that ultimately was a little disappointing. Instead of a traditional dungeon that kills the adventures that come in with traps and monsters, this story is pretty peaceful. It’s run by this reincarnated four year old girl that wants to create a fairy wonderland without any of those scary ‘ugly’ monsters. It’s a very interesting premise and an opportunity to get creative with storytelling. I mean, how do you create conflict without fighting? What motivations are there for the dungeon to expand? What monsters will the dungeon create if combat isn’t a focus?

However, the actual result of the story was a little disappointing. There really isn’t much fighting, maybe five small scenes in 350 pages. Much of the early part of the story revolves around expanding the dungeon and making many varieties of fairy and sprite creatures. It’s an interesting exploration of what dungeon powers and a child imagination can come up with. There really is a huge variety of well detailed creatures with several evolutions for some.

Where the novel really drops is in the conflict department. I don’t just mean fighting. I mean conflict in a larger sense. Whether it’s ideological, political, personality, moral, or any other kind of conflict. There really isn’t much here. Things just go too smoothly for the dungeon. There is some conflict. But what’s disappointing is that there’s a big setup of a big conflict between this floating peaceful fairy dungeon and a rival normal monster spewing dungeon, and then the novel just ends without any kind of resolution.

Overall, I like the concept. Lots of potential. But the execution left me wanting more and I was definitely disappointed by the things left unresolved at the end.

Score: 6 out of 10

Cloud Dungeon: Fairy Wonderland