From the Beginning (Kingdoms Reborn Book 1)


Video games are used as an escape to most if not all gamers in one way or another. Kingdoms Reborn was just that to Eric until he slowly became more and more frustrated with the choices of the developers. Just as he had given up on the game and was ready to walk away in search of something else to fill his free time something quite odd happened. He was pulled into the world he'd once loved and adored. No longer trapped in a mediocre existence and now going by his new character name Dante, he has to overcome the changes that have affected the games world two hundred years after the last player left. Some of what he knew of the lore and the layouts of the land are the same while other things have changes so drastically he barely recognizes the world around him. First task set on him by the Higher Beings is to take down each of the great legendary beasts who were once world bosses while growing stronger on. Time seems to be on his side for the moment, but he is unaware of what enemies he will face or how different the enemies of old will be when he is forced to confront them.


My Opinion: 313 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a transported to a game world LitRPG where the main character (MC) is a bit overpowered. He has a bunch of fights that are decently written but there’s no real sense of danger or risk because even if he dies, he comes back immediately with the same level. The most he loses is the XP he’s accumulated towards the next level and possibly an item. He routinely beats World Bosses 3 or 4 times his level. There’s supposed to be a storyline in there about him changing the game world and letting the NPCs die or something but it’s just a justification for more World Boss fights. Kind of a meh story.

Oh, and the MC is gay, if that matters. There are no sex scenes, he just happens to like another guy in the world.

Score: 5 out of 10

From the Beginning (Kingdoms Reborn Book 1)