Perma-Death Online: A LitRPG adventure: Book 2


Sorry, no logging out

What if the log out button stops working and you get forever stuck in a VRMMORPG?

Rohan and his friends continue their struggles against Death13 and the Kartoshi gang, and they must find the pieces of the artefact that can be used to destroy Death13. The odds are against them but their only option is to push on.

In this second installment of the PermaDeath Online trilogy, Rohan must deal with mobs, Kartoshi gang members, kill pterodactyls and even fight in a tournament.

It's not going to be easy, but Rohan must not lose hope at any cost...


My Opinion: 158 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

There are still the same non-native American writing issues. There are also similar technical writing issues. However, I’ll admit, this one is better than book 1. I think a lot of that is that the reader finally gets to understand what the heck is happening with the AI Death13. There whole thing is explained in the first pages of book 2, which starts moments after the cliffhanger ending of book 1.

Most of the novel is questing and the main character (MC) and his friends trying to figure out how to beat the AI killing perma players without endangering their own IRL lives. The quests are Indian themed and are fine. Though the end is a little bit forced, I don’t mind because something that I appreciate here is that the MC can fail and still figure out a way to come through.

Overall, there’s a kind of charm to the MC’s earnestness and willingness to fail, even if means starting his character over. The technical writing issues are plentiful enough that is does lose a point though.

Score: 6 out of 10

Perma-Death Online: A LitRPG adventure: Book 2