Ghost in the Game (Dream State Saga book 3)


Noah has made a deal with the devil. In return for access to Wona’s inner circle, he must guard their Dream State game. It could be worse. After all, the Dream Engine saved his life, even if it ended so many others’. But his new alliance didn’t come without a cost. It turned many of his friends against him. Luckily, the company has assigned him a new team: Catastrophe.

But leading Catastrophe takes a dangerous turn. At the grand opening of a new game zone, a vicious attack puts even the Wona President on edge. As Noah digs deeper, he discovers hacking beyond anything he’s ever imagined.

In order to protect his virtual refuge, Noah must repair his broken friendships and work with Wona’s own lackeys. If Noah can't stop the hacker, more than the Dream State is at risk. Dark secrets lurk behind this mystery—secrets that go back to the creation of the Dream Engine itself.


My Opinion: 244 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

It’s been a year since book 2 came out and I honestly forgot who everyone is.  Thankfully, the author does a good job of reminding you of not only the ongoing plot of the series but who each character is and their relationship. Though it took a few chapters to sort it all out for me.

Book 1 in the series told the story of Noah, who was in a car accident, and had his mind connected to a immersive fantasy VR game. He had to stay there and not die, or he might die in real life while the doctors tried to work out how to wake him from his coma. It introduced a thread about who crashed into him and a evil company hiding secrets.

Book 2, shows Noah back on his feet, but trapped in an asylum. He’s rescued by the friends he made in the game and together they search for the evidence to bring down the game company that was doing evil research on beta testers. Only Noah makes a surprise decision to side with the game company, turning the story character a bit evil.

Book 3, Noah and Chloe work with the game company to figure out where these new Screamers are coming from, who’s really been behind all the illegal beta tester experiments, who arranged for car crash that killed Noah’s girlfriend. There’ plenty of dungeon diving, fighting, and cyber thriller mystery in this third novel in the Dream State Sage.

Basically that’s what this is, a cyber thriller. There’s no real level progression since all the main and secondary characters have maxed out their level to hero class. But all the game stuff from the first two novels is still there. There’s lots of dungeon diving as Noah and his friends try to solve the mysteries they are presented with. The group searches in game and out,  mostly in game for clues, for the people responsible for this whole thing. I won’t spoil the mystery for you but it likely not who you thought it was if you’ve only read book 1.

I had a good time going along for the ride.

Score: 7 out of 10

Ghost in the Game (Dream State Saga book 3)