Fairwind's Fortune


In 2038, Gail plays "Thousand Tales", a game run by a watchful AI. In there, she's exploring an endless sea to gain aquatic powers and master the rare skill of combat origami. In the real world she helps run an ice cream company and is starting to see robots sneaking around the place, because the AI's plans go beyond keeping players entertained.

Her real and fantasy lives collide one night when she has a bout of extremely good luck, and the chance to have her brain permanently relocated to the game's world. Is digital heaven too good an offer to pass up?

"Fairwind's Fortune" is part of the larger "Thousand Tales" setting, though no knowledge of it is required. A friendly artificial intelligence is seeking allies to cross between worlds, offering magic and transformation and immortality in return. What can Gail do to help befriend the young race of AIs raised inside a game, and make sure they understand what humans really want?


My Opinion: 111 pages, $0.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

This is mostly a slice of life story where the main character (MC), Gail, is an explorer, crafter, and mentor. Then she wins the lottery and decides to upload her mind to the game she’s playing, a kind of virtual heaven where just about anything is possible.

The story is fine, but the RPG mechanics are pretty minimal. Like the larger Thousand Tales series, the story focuses on the adventures possible in this digital heaven, where any kind of world is possible and people can be anything they want.

Score: 6 out of 10

Fairwind's Fortune