War Aeternus 4: Harbinger of Ash


Lee has managed to survive encounters with the Heralds of three different gods, but the price he that has paid has been tremendous. Every step he takes leads him closer to victory in the cruel game that he had been forced to play, but it also takes him further down a dark path and away from the man he used to be.

After receiving a request for aid from a beautiful and mysterious messenger, Lee and his inner circle travel to nearby Birnefeld, a large and prosperous city ruled by the Dragon King. Before he ever arrives, however, Lee encounters a group of marauders ransacking the countryside, meets a strange new Herald who has set up camp in the region, and receives the dire news that the hero Brigid of Kildare has gone missing. To make things worse, a powerful new enemy is stalking him from the shadows, toying with his dreams and striking at his closest relationships. With the seeds of doubt sown, Lee has to choose whom he can trust before his nightmares become reality and everything he has worked so hard for goes up in flames.

My Opinion: 526 pages, $3.99, Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I read an advanced copy of the story. I purchased the novel when it came out.

One of the best novels of the series. The depths to which Lee sinks is both inspiring and terrifying. It’s genuinely fun to see the character arc for Lee take this morally ambiguous or almost evil path. It’s like he is starting his journey towards the dark side and this book is where he starts crossing the line more. Of course it’s in the name of good that it’s done. Still, an interesting character development.

Other than that, there’s a better villain this time that I thought was done well. Same good action and adventure. Town building is a bit on the backburner but still exists, and those characters you may or may not like (Jade) are back to banter with.

Overall, this is a good action adventure story that is starting to lean towards the dark side which keeps things interesting.

Score: 7.7 out of 10

War Aeternus 4: Harbinger of Ash