Bitter: Book Three


VRMMORPG has arrived, along with: bugs, exploits, OP classes, over the top nerfs, p2w, ridiculous RNG, lockboxes, raging players, broken mechanics, limited bag space, tedious crafting... and then there are the goblins and ogres.

Bitter is an ongoing slice-of-life story about a girl who finds her life isn't what she wanted. So she gets another one.

Bitter started as a daily online serial, available to read at This book collects chapters 201-300 in an edited form.


My Opinion: 354 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

The author’s description of the story isn’t very good and is copy and pasted for each book.

Our description of Book 3: Stan, the backstabbing psycho, and Britta’s unexpected ally, is trapped in the game. He’s been arrested and imprisoned for murdering an NPC. If Britta doesn’t figure out what’s really happening and prove who really killed the NPC, Stan may just end up trapped in the game permanently or worse.


The story shifts again into a slice of life story. The in-game story revolves around Britta, the main character (MC), investigating the truth about the corrupt Mayor, some dwarves, and how they all connect to the kobold mine. In addition to that there are more slice of life aspects, like the MC exploring crafting, catching up with characters from book 1, doing random town quests, and more. In real life, the story also expands as the MC learns some truths about the game company and the AI controlling the game.

There are some interesting story threads here but a lot of the time they are only followed for a short period then they’re abandoned. It’s just the nature of a serial story that’s been turned into novel.

Overall, the story is still entertaining, but only if you can make peace with the format of the story. Don’t expect any resolutions. Don’t expect a fully coherent completely fleshed out plot. Just enjoy the journey as Britta goes on her adventures.

Note: There’s totally a cliffhanger ending with this one.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Bitter: Book Three