Total Immersion: Dark World: A LitRPG Adventure


Legendary Elora Online gamer-The Seeker kills and loots Sid, destroying all of Sid’s progress in the game. Infuriated, Sid makes it his personal mission to exact a humiliating revenge on Seeker for the sakes of all the players in Elora. He succeeds after months of planning, but soon, he find himself in a secret part of Elora Online, Dark World, where he can feel everything in the game with all his senses and can’t access Elora or the real world anymore.

As he uncovers the mysteries of Dark World while being stalked by The Seeker, his old nemesis who also now has a new race and class, he makes unusual friends who help him claim his summons for Mystic. With each summon he wins in impossible battles, he gains more power, and unlocks the secrets of what Dark World really is…what Elora Online is, and why he’s there. The hits make him bleed, and the deaths are painful. He must defeat Seeker once again, and this time it’ll take more than a year of planning. It’ll take a worldwide war.


My Opinion: 279 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Solid game mechanics. Interesting use of crafting abilities. There’s a lot of potential in the core story. It’s just not realized because of the writing style and the lack of character development.

The core story is about the main character (MC) stopping a bad player named Seeker. In the first game world, the MC is trying to stop Seeker from player killing everyone and making them start over in the game. Then, the MC is taken into a parallel past version of the game (never explained how this is) and he has to try and stop Seeker from changing the game’s past. Not bad right?

However, that core story is interrupted with seemingly random quests and introductions of various people without ever making the reader care about anything or anyone. Even the MC has so little backstory that it’s hard to care if he succeeds or fails.

Additionally, uses a distanced style of writing that made me feel like I was watching someone play a game on YouTube and not in the action.

Overall, just a meh story for me.

Score: 5 out of 10

Total Immersion: Dark World: A LitRPG Adventure