Winds of Fate (Fayroll - Book 3)

Harry’s back! The even more anticipated third book from the best-selling Fayroll series is here. With even more epic battles, difficult quests and even rarer items. Following on from ‘The Road East’, Harriton’s work has been very well received and his new bosses are very happy with him. Seemingly everything is going well as he enjoys visiting Fayroll more and more and spending time with his new girlfriend Vika.

But is everything as it seems and can things stay so positive from him? After a visit from his ex-girlfriend’s brother and a meeting with Radion’s Security, it seems the real world might be much more of a dangerous place for him than ever before. He will begin to question how deep he is in this whole project, but with support from his new girlfriend and his team working on The Fayroll Times, maybe everything will be fine? And this is just outside the game….

In the game he joins ‘The Hounds’ on a quest through the Northern Mountains to the North and through the mines filled with terrifying and deadly creatures to continue his quest to find the Dryad Sisters. But not before making even more in game enemies, meeting royalty and saving kidnapped princesses.

Cold Winds of Fate continues the best-selling and ever popular Fayroll series with the author’s great sense of humour, adventure and storytelling skills. This book carries on developing the Fayroll world and also further develops life in the real world. This story has an equally seductive balance between the real and virtual world where both smoothly complement each other.

Vasiliyev is showing how much of a writer he is. Every Fayroll books gets better and better. His characters continue to develop and become more real to the reader. His attention to detail and cinematic descriptions have also developed giving the reader a captivating and entertaining read. Cold Winds of Fate is certainly a boundless mix of action, dialogue, humour and colourful descriptions.


My Opinion: 344 pages, $6.95, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure: I received an advanced copy of the novel for review but purchased it once it became available.

Ok. Right off the bat, the price is a little more than I normally pay for a novel. I usually shoot for about $0.01/page and this is double that. For me, it’s worth it but if you’ve read books 1 and 2 and weren’t absolutely in love with the story, it may not be worth it for you.

The story in book 3 starts right after the end of book 2.

1-4% is the real life clean up of the storyline with the materialistic ex-girlfriend that got dumped. Her brother and his friends beat up the main character (MC) Harrington and rob him of the cash bonus he just got. Fayroll security eventually catches the guys and brings them to the MC for judgment. It also serves to show Harrington just how serious his new bosses at Fayroll are about the game when the guys that mugged him are almost killed when Harrington makes a joke.

By the 5% mark the MC is back in-game, as Hagen. With the exception of a few breaks and party scene, the story spends most of it’s time in-game.

The in-game story almost feels like an extension of book 2. At the end of book 2, the MC arranged to join a group traveling through some haunted mountains and that exactly where the in-game story for book 3 picks up.

The MC and his group travel through the mountains get in a few hairy situations but ultimately make to the frozen north. Where Hagen goes on a series of reputation building quests to gain access to a rare secret quest chain and get the item he needs to free the dryad in the north.

There’s lots of good actions, interesting quest, and ultimately a huge mystery quest to rescue a princess and figure out how she was kidnapped. It’s pretty entertaining.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Winds of Fate (Fayroll - Book 3)