Kingdom Level Three (LitRPG: Kingdom Series Book 3)

When every citizen of Anika suddenly vanishes without a trace, Rob finds himself completely alone in his little kingdom. He must locate his people and quick, or risk losing even more.

Armed only with low level skills and crummy gear he must travel into the Western Mountains where troglodytes skulk in dark tunnels and dragons rule the sky.

But there's one vital weapon he needs to help in his quest, and it will take a tremendous act of courage to acquire.



My Opinion: 272 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

I really enjoyed the first 8% of the story, it felt like the story was finally expanding into the larger game world with the introduction of the Pech and the slavers that have taken the citizens of Rob’s kingdom. I thought, oh good, finally some world building.

Unfortunately, after the 8% mark the story shifts back to Rob the janitor that was transported to this game world and made a king as he realizes his citizens have disappeared, tries to figure out what’s happened, is eventually told by strangers what likely happened (kidnapped by slavers), and goes off to find and rescue his people. The story takes way too many side journeys for the main character’s selfish desire for power. You don’t even get back to the main story with the slavers until 70% into the novel and then most of the problems there are solved by coincidence and not by anything the main character does.

Overall, Not bad writing. It just was not a satisfying story and the series, on the whole, doesn’t seem to be fulfilling the kingdom building expectations I had for it.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Kingdom Level Three (LitRPG: Kingdom Series Book 3)