The Last Redoubt: A litrpg Adventure (The Unity Series Book 1)

Join Tamara Owlkins, Bard-in-training, blacksmith, and reluctant adventurer as she stumbles upon plots, invasions, and dungeons. All she wants to do is become a full-fledged Bard and make cool weapons and armor for her friends and family.

As ancient enemies gather and kingdoms plot, only one hero and her companions can choose between salvation and utter destruction.


My Opinion: listed at 689 pages?, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A truly massive book at 689 pages though I think that might be an incorrect page count.

There are some really cool ideas in the story. The idea of AI cores being an evolved form of old nano programs and that magic in this world are just bits of ununderstood tech. However, all that potential is sort of lost on a character that has everything handed to her.

The first few pages reads like a traditional fantasy novel, then suddenly introduces game mechanics. So, there’s a class of people, the awakened, that can see these character sheet stats and game info. Everyone else is unaware of this stuff. (NPCs?)

The main character (MC), Tamara,  just happens to find a fallen spaceship and is save by a robotic dog by her suddenly aware Core, an AI himself, that was implanted in her at birth but only now awoke. He gives her just the abilities to completely trash this robot that was just about to kill her. Then, on her way to the King to tell him about the fallen spaceship, she agrees to guard a caravan that leads her to a secret pre-cataclysm facility full of advanced tech, manufacturing facilities, advanced laser and plasma weapons. Of course, she’s the only one that can open the place up because of her AI and of course, everyone in the caravan wants her to run the place and establish a town there, the 16-year-old girl they literally just met days ago. Oh, also the guy she happens to have a crush on falls in love with her because she’s just so darn amazing after knowing her for a week. Oh, and by the end of the story, she defeats an entire orc army all by herself using ancient black hole tech, except of course the one girl who’s looks she was jealous over and was promiscuous about who turns out to be evil.

Overall, just meh.

Score: 5 out of 10.

The Last Redoubt: A litrpg Adventure (The Unity Series Book 1)