Plague in the Greenwood

I’m Barcud, a Level 14 Ranger, and I thought we’d got them beat.

Our enemies were besieged behind their high city walls and everything was going very right.

Until it went very wrong.

High up from the back of my eagle, I saw the Greenwood turn black and dead. But it wasn’t just the trees that died; bears, foxes and wolves succumbed to the plague, then came back as something worse. In the villages and towns, the dead rose from their graves and went hunting fresh meat.

The zombie apocalypse was unleashed.

Our siege camp was threatened and victory was slipping through our fingers. Before all was lost, I knew I had to step up and search out the secret source of the zombie plague.

Aided by a runesmith, a thief, a bard and a wizard, I raced against time to find the mystery of the plague and defeat the wicked intelligence spreading it.

But in the end I realized victory meant taking on the gods themselves.


My Opinion: 319 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is book 5 in the series, and it starts right after the end of War in the Greenwood. In that book, the evil city of the Horrabians was finally under siege from the allied forces and it looked like it was only a matter of time till their city was destroyed. Turns out it won’t be that easy after all. With the help of a goddess, the forces of evil have unleashed the zombie apocalypse on the Greenwood. Now Barcud, our level 13 Ranger, will have to find the source of the zombie plague before it destroys all of the game world.


In each one of the books in the Greenwood series, author Galen Wolf tries to mix a new genre of storytelling into the series. In this one, it’s the zombie apocalypse. The story takes the shocked horror aspects of Fear the Walking Dead and mixes it with the established storyline. It does it well too.

There are those moments you expect from a zombie show where characters try to do the right thing and save some innocent looking person by bringing them into town but end up spreading the zombie plague by accident. Towns start to panic as the plague spreads and kills more NPCs permanently. There’s also plenty of moralizing and debating between characters about ‘the smart’ versus ‘the compassionate’ thing to do with the infected. So, if you really like this mix then this story is for you.

However, personally the story just wasn’t as appealing as the others in the series. Which is understandable when each book has different genre mixed into the MMORPG stuff.

The part of the I really loved was when the section of the story where the characters where dungeon diving. There was a broad range of undead to fight, traps, and regular cool loot. It also looks like that part will be expanded upon in book 6.

Overall, a fine read for me.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Plague in the Greenwood: A LitRPG Novel