Euphoria Online: A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure

Tired of leveling up from in the manner of fighting monsters and dull repetitive grinding?

Welcome to Euphoria Online.

In the far future, when technology has advanced to run a full virtual immersion, the new hit sensation is the MMORPG Euphoria Online, which promises all the sensual pleasures one can ever dream of.

Gain EXP: Explicit Points merely for committing some of the hottest acts of debauchery!

Not everyone can claim to have gained the strength to slay dragons just from participating in threesomes!

Indulge in an online world that promises utter hedonism and promotes carnal desires, ranging from the familiar

busty blonde elf to the sly and saucy succubus desperate for a stuffing, stretching, slamming, filling and just waiting for a player to 'defeat' them!

Pulsing activity with lots of moist bliss overflowing from tight juicy holes!

Hard, rough and without a shred of protection!

Slay monsters, gather loot, and succumb to your

desires! All this and more in Euphoria Online!


My Opinion: 82 pages, $3.25, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

First, the story is way overpriced. But if you like erotic fiction and MMOs, this may appeal to you.

While the novel is listed as LitRPG, the author goes out of their way to warn the reader that there’s lots of sex in the story. Heck, the first 3% of the novel is big bold warnings about the adult content in this novel. Lesbian and straight sex.

This is without a doubt a special type of story. The novel is 90% sex, 10% RPG. It’s not a action- adventure story. Instead, it’s more like late night MMO sex stories. The RPG parts are full on parody. For example, in this game it seems like it’s only at levels 400-600 apparently that anyone finds the sex options because only high level players are involved in the action. Also, when the main character does have sex, he gets a ton of XP for it and great stat increases like +400 to stamina.

If you're looking for a new sex story set in an MMO, this might appeal to you. However, it just was not my particular cup of tea. To be honest I skipped the sex stuff and read the MMORPG parts which were minimal.

Score: 5 out of 10.

Euphoria Online: A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure