The Road East (Epic LitRPG Adventure - Book 2) (Fayroll)

The much-anticipated second novel in the bestselling Fayroll series. Get ready for more epic battles, legendary artifacts, and incredible quests… As Harriton’s Fayroll articles spark interest and his real world career seems to pick up, he remains a low-level noob in the challenging virtual world of Fayroll. Although he is an incredibly lucky noob. Without breaking a sweat, Harry – a.k.a. Hagen the Warrior – stumbles across one of the most coveted “hidden” quests. He is to save the four Dryad sisters starting with Ogina in the East. As he haphazardly sets out on The Long Road East…

He manages to come out unscathed of many perils; happily swimming between two worlds; making new friends when necessary and facing foes along the way. It is at this stage, when Harry is forced to pursue a real-life mission within the world of the game, that the thin line between the two worlds appears to be much thinner. It is only a matter of time before he is bound to start asking himself the hard questions. Like what if his admirable luck runs out? Or, more importantly; is he playing his own game or just being manipulated right off the hop?


My Opinion: 448 pages, $6.95, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

In Fayroll book 1, Harriton Nikiforov fulfilled his journalist mission of writing about the hottest new VR game. He also managed to participate in some epic quests, join a guild, and even stumbled upon a rare quest chain. After completing his assignment he was promised a long vacation in Spain.

However, in book 2 that vacation is cut short and he’s called back to his work at the newspaper. Only to find out he’s not in trouble but actually getting a promotion when the makers of Fayroll buy the company that makes his newspaper. Now he’s responsible for a weekly series of articles on Fayroll and has to go back in the game to get more material.

Not only that but his new bosses want him to finish the quest with the dryad and bring back the old gods to Fayroll.


The first 8 % of the story details what was described above. After that Harriton logs back into Fayroll and becomes Hagen the level 33 warrior.

Most of the game storyline is Hagen traveling east to complete the next part of the dryad quest chain. He doesn’t get there till the 75% mark. The rest of the time, he’s just adventuring, killing monsters, raiding dungeons, participating in some PVP, and Guild vs Guild battles.

The real world storyline revolves around him training his new staff for the Fayroll paper, getting into a new romantic relationship, and doing some favors for his new bosses over at the game company.

Overall, I had a good time reading the story. There’s lots of action, adventure, and exploration of the game world. Don’t expect this novel to be an epic tale or anything. It really is just about a guy going on adventures and balancing his real life job with what he has to do in the game.

Score. 7 out of 10

The Road East (Epic LitRPG Adventure - Book 2) (Fayroll)