Reborn: Demons Trap (Books 13) and Reborn: Demons Return (Book 14)

Reborn: Demons Trap - The Demon army is marching and the entire kingdom of Hulria is on guard. Ash had never thought himself a hero but now he was as far from that as one could come as the demon army marched behind him. The deaths he had seen haunted his dreams but what awaited him at his destination was far worse than even his dreams.

Reborn: Demons Return - Ash is trying to make his way home but not everything is as easy as it sounds. The goddess walks next to him but in the world of men her beauty is destined to cause trouble. As his enemies increase Ash must make it back home to where his family awaits him.

My Opinion: Book 13- 83 pages, Book 14 - 74 pages. Each is $2.99, NOT available on Kindle Unlimited.

For newcomers, I can’t recommend the last two books in the series based on the lack of any action, the price point ( more than $0.03/page), and the sheer number of spelling errors.

However, for me, I was happy to return to the Reborn series and see an end to a serial that I’d purchased every book of. I use this series as an example of the a good LitRPG serial. It establishes the world’s game rules quickly and then gets into the action. I’ve read and re-read the first 4 or 5 books in the series a dozen times at least. Especially in the early days of the LitRPG community when there wasn’t much to read. It’s a lot like that last season of Friends, where the stories just got a bit meh but that didn’t take away from the sense of closure during the last episode.

D.W. Jackson Reborn books- end to series 14 total

  • Book 13 Demons Trap -

    • A surprising number of typos and grammar errors.

    • Plus the pace is quite a bit slower than the other books, too much introspection, with only 10% of time spent fighting.

    • Ash gets captured by the magical group that first created the demon race and is trying to reacquire the knowledge to travel through dimensions and fight the gods. It sounds interesting but is just a bunch of torture of Ash and him sitting in a cafe getting to know a local.

  • Book 14 Demons Return -

    • Ash and Atilla’s travel log. The goddess herself comes down and takes on mortal form to give Ash someone to talk to, and fall in love with, in the story. It’s them trying to get back to the continent where Emelia is, you know that lady we haven’t actually seen in several books.

      • Actual ending to the series, no cliffhangers.

      • Feel like there was more planned for Ash but the author got tired of the series and just wanted to wrap it up to start on other projects.

The quality of the series has been going downhill for the last few books, likely due to the author’s health issues. However, I’m personally glad to see the series had an unambiguous end. I can’t recommend these last two books for anyone unless you’re like me and just have to find out how the series ends. 5 out 10.


Book 13 Demons Trap -

Book 14 Demons Return -

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