Dungeon Madness: The Divine Dungeon Book Two

Both Cal and Dale have become stronger, each in spite of the other.

The dungeon - Cal - knows exactly how much their strength has increased, and is working hard to become exponentially more powerful. His schemes are becoming more complex, and his dungeon - his body - more deadly.

Dale has a nasty surprise waiting for him as he works to thwart the plans of the devious dungeon. Hearing a voice in his head that distracts him in critical moments, he must fight his mind as he battles deadly creatures.

Unbeknownst to both, they are in for the fight of their lives as madness threatens the land...

My Opinion: 346 pages, $3.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

Dakota Krout’s 2nd book has had amazing success online. Garnering three #1 positions in different categories on Amazon and breaking into the top 100 of Amazon’s paid books. I had a chance to talk to Dakota a couple weeks ago and you can see our interview with him on our site.

This is a wonderful sequel to Dungeon Born, a novel where a human was killed and became a dungeon core. With the help of a dungeon wisp named Dani, Cal creates a dungeon for adventurers to delve into. If they survive the traps and monsters, then these adventurers get treasure. If they don’t, then Cal gets more essence to live and grow. In this 2nd book the town that has sprouted up around the dungeon continues to grow and Dale the guy who owns that land is forced to take a more direct role in its management.

I loved the new relationship between Dale and Cal in this story. One of the few flaws in book one was the limited dialogue options for the dungeon. He only ever had Dani to talk to. Now he has Dale and another person to banter with. The expansion of the dungeon is interesting and so are Dale's new responsibilities and abilities. It’s just fun. The final battle in the story was very exciting and felt like a believable consequence of unbound experimentation. I devoured this book in a couple sitting. It was that good. I give it a 8 out of 10.

Dungeon Madness