City of Champions Online: Issue II: Rising Up


It is a dark time for the city of Atlanta.

In the world of City of Champions Online, a group of white supremacists have taken over the city of Atlanta and are holding the city hostage as they attempt to usurp control of the government. Southern Pride, the local team of 'heroes' have proven to be plants by the villains, using their position to try and give the takeover a look of legitimacy. Those who would stand against them have been declared villains, and are being hunted.

But not everyone has given up on Atlanta. Vampyra and the Misfits helped many heroes and civilians to escape the city during the initial chaos. Now, they're taking the fight to Southern Pride, and rallying anyone they can to their side, because the Battle of Atlanta is just getting started.


My Opinion: 125 pages, $0.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

If you liked book 1, you’ll enjoy book 2. Superheroes fighting in a VRMMO. The bad guys are still racist Nazi types but they're starting to fight more intelligently so things are harder for the MC and her group. The team of rogue heroines has a plan to win but nothing ever goes according to plan.

Overall, an enjoyable read that is a bit lighter on the RPG stuff than the author’s other works. Though there are a bunch of detailed character sheets and power descriptions at the end of the novel (the entire last 15%).

Score: 7 out of 10

City of Champions Online: Issue II: Rising Up