Eden's Gate: The Sands: A LitRPG Adventure


With Unity formed, Gunnar feels like he's created a family like he's never had before. All that's left is to grow in strength, continue building in Edgewood, and maybe earn a little affection from Princess Adeelee. Nothing can tear him away from his friends and newly founded guild.

Or can it?

Gunnar still has a lot to learn about his massive, new world. There are eyes and ears everywhere. Deception can come when you least expect it, and in Eden's Gate, sometimes you can lose control of your own fate.

And Rachel? Maybe she's still out there... somewhere.


My Opinion: 366 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is an adventure for Gunner, the main character (MC), in a new land.  After reminding the reader about the various characters in the story the author whisks the MC to a far away land where he’ll learn about a new threat to the peace of his new home. There he stays for most of the story. He fights new creatures, gains new magic, and infiltrates a new evil evil group to learn of their evil evil plans. All the action adventure you’ve come to enjoy from the series is here.

While I enjoyed the side trip into this new land, the events that force the MC there are completely forced. The author might as well have had him fall down a rabbit hole or get pushed through a mysterious portal. Still, despite the way the MC gets there, the new exotic location opens up some neat storytelling opportunities.

This isn’t my favorite novel in the series and there are quite a few more grammar errors in the novel than usual, but it’s a fun read.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Eden's Gate: The Sands: A LitRPG Adventure