Viridian Gate Online: Imperial Legion (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 4)


December, 2042

The Imperial Legion marches, and war looms on the horizon ...

Jack Mitchel and his misfit crew of rebels never wanted a fight with the Empire, but the time for diplomacy has passed.

Ruthless tech-genius Robert Osmark is coming, and trailing behind him is a vast army determined to wipe the Crimson Alliance from the face of Eldgard. Impossibly, Jack has united the warring Murk Elf clans under his banner, but even with their aid, the Alliance is still badly outnumbered, and Osmark has some nasty tricks up his sleeves.

And while the long-awaited battle unfolds, an ancient evil stirs in the heart of Viridian Gate Online—one that will change the game forever.


My Opinion: 400 pages?, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Yaaay. Book 4 is out. I have to say I think this one is the best in the series. That’s partially due to the fact that I understand more about the villain in the series, Osmark. The side story, The Artificer, tells Osmark’s origin story. So now he isn’t just this megalomaniac bond villian to me anymore. He has depth I can almost empathise with.

Additionally, there are great new characters that I instantly loved. Jay Taylor becomes a character to my unending amusement. But my favorite new character is Joseph the Gravemonger. I won’t spoil who he is exactly but I suspect his inclusion will lead to another cool side story with different game mechanics than VGO.

There’s still all the RPG action and adventure you’ve come to expect from the series and new bad guys too. But some of the mechanics in the story are also changing, which I’m on the fence about. Still, a good action packed story with plenty of nice surprises.

Score: 7 out of 10

Viridian Gate Online: Imperial Legion (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 4)