Crisis at Clearwater - A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure (Book 2 Unexplored Cycle)


Clint Sahorn assumed that his increasing proficiency at his job would allow him to get home at a decent hour and would relieve his already too-high stress level. However, his increased efficiency gave his bosses an excuse to add so much more to his workload that he fears for his sanity.

To keep from obsessing on his job when not there, Clint attempts to escape his reality in the VRMMO world of “Unexplored”. There, in the persona of the heroic and adventurous Elf, Cleave, he joins with a smart-mouthed kobold named Tarka, and a gentle half-giant, Krug – the best kind of friend an Elf could have, one that would gladly stomp into jelly anyone attempting to hurt his friends or the innocent – in a grand quest to find a powerful ring.

Clint hopes this light-hearted, swashbuckling adventure will allow him to relax. But, when they reach the halfling port city of Clearwater, the fun comes to an end. The citizens of Clearwater face a crisis that threatens to tear the city apart.

With the twin problems of his workload and the plight of the citizens of Clearwater weighing on him, Clint must muster all his strength and determination and hope that they – along with his friends – can stop the evil plaguing Clearwater.

Warning: This book contains erotic content. Reader discretion is advised.


My Opinion: 358 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

*Warning, this novel has graphic sex scenes*

A more streamlined version of book 1, Unexplored Into the Wildwood. The novel jumps right into the game and spends the majority of the time there. The story jumps out of the game sometimes but these portions mostly deal with the real life work problems of the main character (MC), Clint.

In game, the main character and his guild mates are given the quest to find the Ring of the Treesoul, a item special to the Ent and dryads. While fighting and following the clues for the quest the group also has lots of sex. That’s sort of how I break up the story. Game stuff that follows a quest chain and sex scenes.

There are multiple sex scenes that while a relatively minor percent of the story distract from the fantasy quest stuff for me. I understand that part of the story revolves around the freedom for the characters to explore their sexual desires but it’s not interesting to me.

The game mechanics of the story exist and the characters advance in power according to the game rules. However, the game mechanics are pretty standard and relatively light. Health as percentages, no damage numbers, there multiple instances of character sheets, and item descriptions. But that’s about it.

Overall, the action is nice but the graphic sex really distracts from the story. At least for me. I know some folks really love erotic fiction and for those that do, this will hit their buttons. I’m just not one them.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Crisis at Clearwater - A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure (Book 2 Unexplored Cycle)