Sphiel's Song (A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure)


Three years ago, a bright and vibrant Mandy Sutherland looked forward to life – ready to take on the world after graduating high school with top honors and gaining acceptance to a great college. However, on graduation night, the world went hazy and she passed out. After awakening in a hospital, doctors told her that she had a severe medical condition that would render her unable to function in social situations.

Now, she lives secluded in her room, looked after by her little sister, Natalie, and her father. Although working with her psychiatrist, Dr. Braun, to combat her severe anxiety, time has produced no breakthroughs. During one of their online sessions, Dr. Braun suggests an experimental type of therapy – using Virtual Reality to simulate social situations. Seeing no other options, Mandy agrees.

Mandy finds she can function in “Unexplored”, a fantasy VRMMORPG, where she takes on the role of Sphiel, a beautiful elf woman living in the Wilderwood. During her adventures, she makes friends, uncovers mystical secrets, and combats great enemies. However, even as she grows, she wonders if she can face her greatest enemy of all – herself.

Warning: This book contains erotic content. Reader discretion is advised.


My Opinion: 273 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

*This novel contains graphic sex scenes*

A stand alone story in the Unexplored universe.

Mandy has a phobia about leaving her house after a sudden panic attack when she graduated high school. Three years later she’s still visiting a psychologist, who tries to help her. Suggests using VR as a way to train her brain that going outside is ok.


Definitely my least favorite in the series. The idea of using VR as a type of therapy is neat. But that’s not what this ends up being.

There’s no therapy. Just a woman that logs into Unexplored, kills a bunch of goblins, and other monster. The sex really seems out of place in this one too. Especially if all this is supposed to be in the name of therapy.

The action in the story isn’t bad. It’s just that, aside from the premise, I feel like I’ve read this story from the author before. Person had issue, goes into game and issue is solved through adventuring and sex.

Additionally, part of my dissatisfaction with the story is likely due to comparison to another LitRPG story that has VR therapy in it too. Continue Online. That series is very different from this one but does the VR therapy thing a lot better.

Score: 5 out of 10

Sphiel's Song (A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure)