Sicilian Defense: Epic LitRPG Adventure (Fayroll - Book 5)


Sicilian Defense is the fifth book of the epic Fayroll series. With each chapter, we approach the solution of many of the secrets with which the main character Hagen faced in the game and in life. Why is he being hunted? How do players know about his secret quests and deeds?

In reality, Harriton does not have time to solve all these new problems, as a new attractive and flirtatious journalist appears in his editorial office as a new employee, causing Kifs girlfriend Vika to show her teeth, then the "Consortium" appears - a powerful competitor to the Raidion bosses. These problems are beginning to mount up as life is becoming more complicated and Kif beings to live 2 lives. Hagen or Harriton? A game or a reality?

Fayroll is more than just an RPG game, in this world mysterious riddles of ancient legends are intertwined with the thirst for success and the vanity of high-level players, the search for treasures and legendary objects that are occupied by all newcomers without exception, but its interests are pursued not only by players, as big bets made in the real world. Luck is on the side of Hagen, but no one knows what awaits him in the next assignment because Fayroll is not just a game, events and decisions that the hero takes in virtual space, affect the real world. His unpredictable character, perseverance, and excitement attract the attention of powerful forces, the existence of which the hero does not even guess. He should be more careful, because this fantastic world, created for the best of cult games World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Lineage II, holds many dangers.

Can complete all his tasks and quests? Will he keep in touch with reality or choose to continue his epic quest in Fayroll? The answer to this question is waiting for you in this new part of the Fayroll series. A highly valued and recognized European bestseller is now available to readers around the world. Fayroll is so good that you can’t wait to choose your character and find out how the journey in this fantasy universe can turn out. Start your RPG journey together with the recognized master of LitRPG Andrey Vasiliev. You are about to begin the best quest in your life.


My Opinion: 359 pages, $6.95, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

The first 18% of the novel feels slightly out of place. It’s entirely real world story dealing with the newspaper. There is drama as the newspaper expands and hires new employees. There’s an odd cultural posturing between the pretty girls. There’s also an introduction of a rival for the game company.

In the game, the main character (MC), Hagen, is on his own again and has a quest to bring back the gods. A lot of the in game story feels like a series of almost random quests that while related to the main quest, don't actually advance it. Much of the novel feels like filler or a setup for the next book.

There's no real end either. Instead there are things the MC plans to do in game but the story ends before anything actually happens and the reader is left hanging. Not my favorite story in the series.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Sicilian Defense: Epic LitRPG Adventure (Fayroll - Book 5)