Continue Online: Together (Book 5)

Since stepping through the gateway to Continue, Grant has been many things: a dying hero, a malevolent imp, a robotic space explorer, and felon seeking redemption. Now he’s added a new role to the list—married man to a virtual woman. In his mind, nothing could be more perfect, but his newly wedded bliss is in jeopardy.

Trillium pulled the trigger on a digital Armageddon and the games have changed. Virtual people are being hunted down then deleted forever. Players’ characters are removed if they die three times. The AIs have a plan to fight back and protect their citizens by storing as much data as possible into a haven, including Xin’s.

To help secure the survival of his friends and wife, Grant will seek the secrets to salvation left behind from the game’s first heroes and programming team. Along the way, Grant reunites with old companions, sets aside past grudges, and pulls out every trick he’s ever been taught to help him in the race against digital death.

Failure means Grant will lose Xin a second time, but success may cost him even more.

My Opinion: About 489 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

At the end of book 4, our player Grant finally gets a happy ending. He gets the girl and saves the world, at least temporarily. Book 5, the last book in the series has Grant racing to find a way to help all the A.I’s in Continue Online as their world is deleted. I can’t say more about the story without spoiling things but books 4 and 5 absolutely wrap up the entire story and make sure to include just about everyone from the other books. I’m honestly a little sad to see the series end.

The author states in the back of book 5 that he does plan to return to this universe, but not until about 2018. Instead, he’ll write some non-LitRPG stuff for a while. Book 5 gets a recommendation from me and the series as a whole gets a big recommend from me. It’s one of the most emotionally deep LitRPG stories.

I just want to say a big Thank You to Stephan Morse for taking us on this amazing journey. I know not everyone is as in love with this series as I am but truly enjoyed going on this emotionally epic trip with Grant, Xin, and everyone else.

Score: 7 out of 10

Continue Online (Part 5, Together)