Making the Grade (Omnia Online Series Book 2)

It’s been only one week since the alpha test of Omnia Online began, and while Kevin doesn’t know it yet, significant events are going to change his life forever, in ways he could never imagine.

For hundreds of years, Sol has been under careful observation and protection as required by the rules of the Imperial Cultural Protection Act. But now the Department of Cultural Development has started a plan to bring the people of Earth into the Imperium... "Let’s ask them to play a game…”

I would like to invite you on an adventure with me, as we explore the potential of a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Massive Multi-Player Online Roleplaying Game (FIVR-MMORPG) to change lives. Not just as a game, but also as a tool for physical and mental development. Omnia Online is soon to be released, the first ever of its kind in Kevin’s world. Join him, as he experiences the universe as it really is. It’s going to change our world view forever.

My Opinion: If you enjoyed the first book, you'll likely enjoy the second. They're very similar. The main character improves his skills, upgrades his tech a little, practices his mind powers, and goes on one small adventure and one large adventure. It's a good read that doesn't ruin any of the things you likely loved about the first book but also doesn't push the boundaries into anything that new either.

Score: 6 out of 10

Making the Grade (Omnia Online Series Book 2)

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