Omnia Online

For hundreds of years, Sol has been under careful observation and protected required by the rules of the Imperial Cultural Protection Act. The people of Earth being considered too primitive to be useful members of the Imperium. Now a new member of the Department of Cultural Development has a new idea to bring the people of Earth into the Imperium... "Let’s ask them to play a game…”

I would like to invite you on an adventure with me, as we explore the potential of a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Massive Multi-Player Online Roleplaying Game (FIVR-MMORPG) to change lives. Not just a game, but also as a tool for physical and mental development. Omnia Online is soon to be released, the first ever of it’s kind in Kevin’s world. Join Kevin, as he experiences just how big and complex his universe really is.

My Opinion: This is a rip roaring Sci-Fi LitRPG space adventure. The VRMMO part of the story is set in a futuristic space faring universe with lasers, spaceships, and space pirates. It was fun to follow Kevin as he fought the pirates and was introduced to all the future tech like A.I., nanobots, and space gun repair.

The only criticism I have for the story is that I didn’t like the A.I. sex. Even though it’s not graphic but ‘fade to black’ sex, it still felt weird and unnatural for Kevin’s new A.I. to just want to have sex with him moments after meeting him.

Score: 7 out of 10

Omnia Online