Game Break - Harden’s Book 1

Welcome to The Land of Waara, a virtual world designed to cater to your every desire. Seek out a comfortable chair to marvel at the sight of two setting suns or revel in bloody battle on the Plains of Deadalon, destroying skeleton warriors with your devastating magic. Whatever your heart desires, Waara will provideeeeeeeeee Error304, Error 6799, Report! Critical Failure! Click here for customer support.

That is unless your name is Hayden and you wake up in a pitch black mine, with no idea how you got there and are thrust into an unimaginable world of pain and heart attack inducing adventures/catastrophes.

“Waara will provide ‘MY ASS’. Can you believe that PR ‘crap’? Come and find out what happened to me and we will see if you still want to play, ‘The Land of Waara,’ ” Hayden griped. “What the hell is that? Get it off me Spike. A little help would be nice.”

My Opinion: 328 pages, $2.99 and available on Kindle Unlimited.

Hayden wakes up inside a VR game, with no memories of either the world outside or how he got in the game. As he explores the VR world, the mystery surrounding his amnesia unfolds.

There are a lot of little frustrating things about the beginning of this novel. 1)Story inconsistencies: The author says the MC has no memories of the outside world or this game world yet the MC seems to understand and refer to social cues, language, and constructs. Like in game banking or women’s attitudes. It’s just an inconsistency that bothers me. 2) The author breaks the fourth wall by defining for the reader certain game terms in parenthesis. 3) The game notifications make jokes or seem to tease the MC but this is never acknowledged by the main character. 4) Every single game notification ends with unexplained percentages or **Have a pleasant game**. 5) The game mechanics aren’t explained or consistent. For example, characters level, but from what? Experience points are acknowledged to exist and awarded but not with any concrete number. So as far as the reader is concerned, the boss monsters is worth the same XP as the bunny. These are tiny things but like a small pebble in your shoe. Sure you can walk like that but it’s a source of constant irritation.

Putting those annoyances aside, I liked the story and it improves once the main character gets to his first town and explores his class options. It’s an ok read.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Game Break - Harden’s Book 1