The Dive: Birth of a Hero

Conclusion to The Dive: Birth of a Wordsmith

Follow Jin as he continues his adventures through the new virtual reality game, The Dive. On a journey to discover his purpose in this strange world, he will fight against man and monster alike, teaming with the most unlikely of creatures. But, every action has its consequence, and not everyone takes kindly to his choices.

My Opinion: 554 pages, $3.99 also available on Kindle Unlimited.

If you liked, The Dive: Birth of a Wordsmith, then you’ll love The Dive: Birth of a Wordsmith, the conclusion to the series. At the end of the last story the entire party wiped and we were left on a cliff hanger. This story not only resolves that but creates some interesting character developments as Jin continues his adventures, becoming more over powered as the conflict between angels and demons intensifies.

The series ends well. There’s an epic battle with a satisfying conclusion. Yet, the author leaves plenty of room for another series set in the same world.

Score: 6 out of 10.

The Dive: Birth of a Hero