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Episode 12 – Tomorrowland Versus Todayland

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Welcome to another episode of Geek Bytes Podcast. We brings you all this week’s interesting tech and geek news.

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This Week in Geek News we talk about IRS being hacked, NSA probably stopping mass surveilling, Charter buys Time Warner Cable, Google I/O 2015 announcements, CBS coming to Apple TV, the new Pebble Time smart watch, Batman Arkham Knight News, The leaked Supergirl pilot, Jaws returning to theaters, Suicide Squad action, casting rumors for Fantastic Beasts and X-Men: Apocalypse, trailers for Cooties, Point Break, American Ultra, and much more

In Discussions we’ll talk about the movie Tomorrowland and Disney’s 60th anniversary event.

We Begin our show with Geek News

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Geek News

IRS revealed hackers stole info from 100,000 people

·        The hackers used information they’d already stolen (SS#s, pet names, addresses, birthdays, etc) to fool the IRS security system and gain access to people’s personal IRS information.


The NSA is preparing to turn off mass surveillance programs


·        The Patriot Act, which provided the legal foundation for the NSA surveillance, is set to expire at the end of this month,

·        The Senate failed to pass a replacement bill, the USA Freedom Act, and another measure proposed by Senate Majority Leader McConnell to extend the program as-is also did not pass.




Google I/O 2015, Day 1 announcements

·        HBO Now available on Android this summer

·        Android M is the newly announced operating system for android devices

o   Android pay tied directly to OS, not just an app anymore

§  So, just unlock phone and hold phone up to NSF reader and you’ve paid

o   Fingerprint reader support at OS level

o   Extend battery by up to 2 times with ‘Doze’ mode

·        USB C support coming soon

·        Brillo and Weave to control the internet of things

·        Google Now can now use the current, on screen information as context to provide you info.

o   If you’re looking at a text about a certain restaurant, holding the home button will bring up details about that restaurant or movie.

o   If you’re listening to a song by, say, Skrillex, saying “Okay Google, What’s his real name?” will auto-scrape that “his” refers to Skrillex.

·        Google Photos is a free, “unlimited storage” service

o   It’ll host photos up to 16Mega Pixels, and videos up to 1080p.

o   It’s available for Android, iOS, and the web now

·        Google Maps is getting deep offline support.

o   Once you’ve saved a map for an area, you’ll be able to search for businesses within that area, read reviews, and even do turn-by-turn navigation without an internet connection.

·        Google will begin shipping teachers “Expedition” kits, complete with everything they take their class on Cardboard fieldtrips.

o    All of the Cardboard viewers in the class are synchronized and controlled by a teacher’s tablet, allowing students to view and explore in virtual reality together.

·        Project Jacquard

o   Integrated electronics in clothing that you won’t notice.




Charter buys Time Warner Cable to become the U.S.’s second largest cable provider


·        Charter Communications is buying Time Warner Cable (TWC) for $78.7 billion. The two firms will merge together under the newly created parent company New Charter, which will become the second biggest cable provider in the US after Comcast.



CBS CEO says the channel will 'probably' come to Apple's TV service


·        Apple TV has been a long standing rumor for years.

·        This week CBS CEO Les Moonves confirmed that they were in talks to bring CBS to Apple TV.

·        The Wall Street Journal broke the latest news of the service in March, reporting that Apple was looking to create a service with about 25 channels after a falling out with Comcast, and planned on launching the service in June.

·        Recode reported earlier this month that Apple was also looking to add live programming from local stations to the service.



TechCrunch gave a stellar review of the new Pebble Time smart watch


·        Pebble Time new android smart watch

·        Outshines original Pebble watch in every way.

·        Highlights: color e-paper display, up to 7 days of use before recharge needed, slim light design, cross platform

·        MSRP: $199, pre-orders begin at the end of June




Oculus CEO prices VR system at about $1500

·        At the re/code conference Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said that the soon-to-be-available virtual reality Oculus headset and the computer needed to run it will cost “in the $1,500 range.”

·        This includes the cost of the computer if you were to buy a new one. The official recommended specs to run the Oculus headset were released earlier this month

·              NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater

·              Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

·              8GB+ RAM

·              Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output

·              2x USB 3.0 ports

·              Windows 7 SP1 or newer


·        A roughly priced computer with those specs will run you about $1100

·        Means the Oculus will be about $400




Hot Topic buys Think Geek




Batman Arkham Knight News


·        Developer diary gave more game character details

o   Techno Bat is the Arkham Knight, bad guy not batman

o   Scarecrow is the main bad guy in upcoming game



·        7 minutes of game play footage

o   Good combat footage and Batmobile with guns



Wildstar Online announced it will go Free to Play


·        The developers Carbine studios announced this week that their massively multiplayer online game Wildstar will eliminate their monthly subscription and allow new players to play for free.

·         They also plan to add new in game currency that can be purchased for real money or earned in game.




The Supergirl pilot “leaked” online, we watched it


·        The leaked Supergirl pilot has no watermarks according to analysis done by TorrentFreak

o   they speculate the pilot may have been leaked intentionally to

1.    Show the fans the dedication of the creators to the source comic material and

2.    To create support for the series which would only lead to an increase in advertising.




Jaws is returning to theaters


·        Jaws is returning to theaters celebrate its 40th anniversary.

·        Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies, and Universal Pictures will bring Jaws back to the big screen on June 21 for showings at nearly 500 theaters, with an encore presentation on June 24.

·        Purchase your tickets at


Kate Upton and Dakota Fanning are testing for roles in the upcoming Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts


·        Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them takes place in New York city roughly 70 years before the events of the first Harry Potter film. The story will follow Scamander (played by Eddie Redmayne), who will eventually write the textbook on magical creatures that Hogwarts students study from.

·        Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theaters on November 18, 2016.




X-Men: Apocalypse is still filming but these are the confirmed mutant sightings on set


·         A lot of the characters are the same actors from recent X-Men movies

·         James McAvoy as Professor X

·         Michael Fassbender (and Ian McKellen?) as Magneto

·         Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

·         Nicholas Hoult as Beast

·         Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse (new)

·         Tye Sheridan as Cyclops (new)

·         Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones) as Jean Grey (new)

·         Alexandra Shipp as Storm  (new)

·         Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler  (new)

·         Lucas Till as Havok

·         Ben Hardy as Angel/Archangel   (new)

·         Lana Condor as Jubilee  (new)

·         Olivia Munn as Psylocke  (new)

·         Evan Peters as Quicksilver



Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ movie to be released in US Aug. 4-12

·        Movie had international release in April




Suicide Squad Pics and Videos


·        See Batman chase scene

·        Batman riding on the joker’s car

·        Pics of Harley and the Joker



Trailer for remade movie Point Break was released


·        Movie synopsis: A young FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey), infiltrates a cunning team of thrill-seeking elite athletes – led by the charismatic Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez). The athletes are suspected of carrying out a spate of crimes in extremely unusual ways.

·        This “extreme” movie hits theaters Dec. 25th, 2015




Cooties trailer released

·        Cooties, which gives the zombie movie a new spin. Staring a hilarious cast including: Alison Pill, Nasim Pedrad, Rainn Wilson, and Elijah Wood

·        Movie synopsis:

o   A mysterious virus hits an isolated elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives.


American Ultra trailer –Jason Bourne meets Pineapple Express

·        Movie Synopsis:

·        Jesse Eisenberg is Mike, an everyday stoner kid whose biggest worry in life was once how to propose to his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart). Everything changes for the pair when it’s revealed that Mike is a sleeper agent for the government who is being hunted by other agents. It’s up to Mike to unlock his former spy training to protect himself and his future wife-to-be.



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Onto our Discussion section

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Discussion – Disney discussion


Disney 60 year anniversary



PREDATOR: Dark Ages is a short fan film funded in part by Kickstarter backers. It is the best Predator fan film we’ve seen and in our opinion is better than those Alien Versus Predator movies.

Starring Adrian Bouchet, Amed Hashimi, Sabine Crossen, Ben loyd-Holmes, Jon Campling, Joe Egan and Philip Lane.

Written and directed by James Bushe

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