The EA Announcements at E3 2015

Electronic Arts had some great announcements for their fans at E3. Below is the video for the entire press event and below that is the summary of their announcements. 

EA Announcements

·       EA-Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer

·       Mass Effect Andromeda- release Holiday 2016

·       Need for Speed-Meh New graphically pretty Need for Speed with new modes: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, Outlaw

·       Unravel- Yarn cat physics based platformer

·       Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

·       This time the plants are on the offensive attacking Zombie controlled towns. Spring 2016.

·       Added Player versus Bot

·       Split Screen Co-Op

·       EA Sports

·       NHL 2016 Hockey League

·       Ultimate Teams-Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, baseball

·       Madden NFL

·       NBA Live 2016, September 29th

o   Now with scanning app

·       FIFIA 2016

·       Madden NFL Draft-Fantasy football game

·       Mobile games

·       Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Computer Card Game

·       Minions Paradise-The minion explore and build when stranded on an island.

·       Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – The origin story of Faith

·       Star Wars stuff

·       Star Wars the Old Republic-New Expansion pack Knights of the Fallen Empire, new companions, new stories.

·       Star Wars Battlefront-Using the Frostbite game engine

o   Walker Assault-ATAT fight on Hoth

o   Fight on the ground, in the air, or as a Luke or Darth Vader

o   November 17th release

·       King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember-Chapter One

·       Christopher Lloyd voices the adventure game, launches in July