The Nintendo World Championship Winner

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 occurred today. The great Kevin Pereira, formally of Attack of the Show, hosted the contest.  ING and Nintendo both live streamed everything. Watch the video above for everything that happened.


They began with 16 players but only one could win. There were a number of games,

Stage One

The first stage of the tournament was the team based games Splatoon . Four players that didn’t make it past the first round got a second chance in the elimination round where they played, the NES classis Legend of Zelda.

Stage Two

Another team based game called Blast Ball from the Nintendo DS. Elimination game where only one player got a second chance was, Super Metroid.

Metroid elimination.jpg

Stage Three

After that they went one on one and played Mario Kart with elimination round of Balloon Fight.

Stage Four

The remaining four players went head to head on the ultimate tournament game: Super Smash Brothers. These competitors duked it out till only two finalists remained: Cosmo and John Numbers.

Final Round

John Numbers (left) and Cosmo (right)

John Numbers (left) and Cosmo (right)

The final round was the absolute best. The last levels the players had to finish were custom built Mario Brother levels using Super Mario Maker. Now when I mean custom built I mean that these levels were devilishly crafted to be some of the most difficult platforming creations imaginable. At one point I saw Hammer Brothers sitting on top of a giant Bomb with a floating Squid on top of all that!

In the end only one player could win and that was John Numbers. He not only won the championship but had the trophy presented to him by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario. What a score!