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Hearthstone Evolves

Blizzard announced this week on their blog that their massively profitable mobile card game, Hearthstone, will be undergoing some changes soon. Hearthstone will increase custom deck slots form 9 to 18. Older single player adventures will leave but all the cards they unlocked will be available to craft. Additionally, two new game modes will be incorporated into the play options: Standard and Wild.

Fallout Shelter available for Android Now

While you wait for the Nov. 10th release of Fallout 4 you can now play the massively popular mobile game Fallout Shelter on both your iPhone and Android device.

Star Wars: Uprising-New Disney mobile game

Star Wars: Uprising-New Disney mobile game

Disney and Kablam are teaming up for Star Wars: Uprising, a Diablo-inspired mobile game that’ll have a beta in the “coming weeks” for certain territories. It’s set after Return of the Jedi but prior to The Force Awakens, and the full game arrives this fall.