Samsung Galaxy Surfboard

Samsung Brazil has created a commercial featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina and a wild Samsung Galaxy Surfboard concept.

It looks like any regular sleek surfboard, except it has an LED display that's powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 that slots into the base of the board.

The surfboard can feed live conditions of the sea straight onto the display, alongside wind direction and the frequency / height of waves. Trainers can even send surfers messages to help improve their technique.

Touchscreen Arm

PC Magazine reports that Samsung has received a patent for a small projector that can display UI elements on skin and read behaviors to translate into mobile or virtual actions. PC Mag notes Carnegie Mellon researchers introduced SkinTrack last month, a similar system for turning your arm or hand into a touch screen. That system uses a high-frequency AC-signal-emitting ring to communicate with electrodes in a wristband.