HTC Vive

HTC Vive ships

This week the HTC Vive, the main Oculus VR competitor, has begun shipping this week. While the fervor in the media has not been quiet as high as Oculus’ release last week, the reviews have been good. Most reviews admit the Oculus Rift is more comfortable and the screen is slightly better, the Vive’s hand controls and the ability to move around a room are more immersive.

However, Endgadget reports that both Oculus and HTC are shipping their new VR headsets slower than expected. Oculus told Rift pre-order customers that the delay is due to a component shortage. Oculus will update preoders on April 12th and give free shipping. Some HTC Vive orders were declined by credit card companies causing some folks to lose their order or be bumped to the end of the waiting list. HTC says it is working to put everyone back in the right order.

Arizona Sunshine trailer for VR system HTC Vive

Arizona Sunshine trailer for VR system HTC Vive

Arizona Sunshine is one of the first games announced for the soon to be released VR system HTC Vive. The trailer shows one unlucky individual having to fend off a zombie. The game seems to take advantage of the excellent person and hand tracking capabilities of the system forcing the player to move away from the zombie and reload manually if they run out of ammo.