Unleash the CRACAN

John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab released a video this week showing off its latest unmanned aerial vehicle. The Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System, or CRACUNS, is a submersible UAV that can be launched from a fixed position underwater. It can stay under seawater for up to two months and still launch into the air.


The SkyWall bazooka captures drones with a giant net

The SkyWall 100 is one of the latest device promising to protect the world from the impending drone takeover. It’s essentially a smart bazooka that fires a canister filled with a net at drones 100 meters away. Boom headshot.

An operator targets the drone and fires a canister that contains a large net that gets tangled in the drone’s rotors. A parachute then delivers the drone back to earth in a civilized manner.

Police train Eagles to capture Drones

Police train Eagles to capture Drones

The Verge points to a Politie.nl story that law enforcement in the Netherlands are partnering with a raptor training company named Guard from Above to intercept quadcopters and other UAS. A video from Politie shows an Eagle grabbing a quadcopter in mid-air using its incredibly sharp and strong talons.