Shadow Alley Press announces latest release schedule


James Hunter and Shadow Alley Press made some announcements this week in regards to upcoming projects from the company. Including details about the end of the main VGO series, series set in the same universe but written by other authors, and updates on other stuff written by James A. Hunter


Highlights for LitRPG:

VGO 6 out now. Plans for the end of that series and how there still may be more after book 8 for some characters on a different big questline.

New VGO series written by different authors:

Illusionist series - PreOrder available now for Feb 12th

Firebrand series- Should be available Feb 26th

The Alchemic Weaponeer series - Should be available March 12th


War Gods series- 3rd book almost done, will be titled "Underworld" and will be the last in the series.

Rogue Dungeon - Book 2 audiobook out now, book 3 is a work in progress

Dungeon Bringer - LitRPG Dungeon+light Harem, Available as soon as the cover art is finished