Blaise Corvin steps back from GameLit Society


Blaise Corvin, author of Delvers LLC, Nora Hazard, Secrets of the Old Ones, First Song, and Asgard Awakening, has announced this week that he’ll be taking a step back from the GameLit Society group that he founded on Facebook. The group was originally founded as alternative place to for authors and readers to meet and talk about genres that they love, LitRPG and GameLit. The group has grown to over 5,000 people and is very active with people posting on a daily basis.


Blaise wrote that while he won’t be an active moderator in the group anymore he’ll still maintain responsibility for: 1)  The GameLit Fiction List, 2) The yearly philanthropy for Shriners.


Blaise plans to focus on his writing, managing his author group, and continuing to build the GameLitRPG website.


There’s a link below if you want to read the full statement, but while it is sad to see Blaise take a step back from the group and sub-genre he helped found, it makes perfect sense that he wants to devote more time to writing.