Online Game Wildstar goes free to play

Wildstar Online, a popular massively multiplayer online game (MMO), launched July 2014 to great reviews. The MMO incorporated a wonderful combat system, with unique graphics, and supportive community. The game has also released several expansion packs, which increased playable content in the game.

However, like most online games, the game producers Carbine Studios found the market a hard place to make money. So, to no one’s surprise, the developers have announced that they are going to go Free-to-Play this Fall, which eliminates the currently required monthly subscription.

"The only real way to grow the game and get more people into the game is by getting rid of the box cost and the monthly subscription," product director Mike Donatelli told Polygon.

To make up for the loss of monthly income, via the subscription model, Carbine studios will introduce two new types of currency to the game. First, there will be Carbine Coins, a real money transaction currency that can be used to purchase "convenience and cosmetic items." The other currency will be called Omni-Bits that players earn alongside gold. Most of the items on sale for Carbine Coins will also be purchasable with omni-bits, if players are willing to put in the time to earn them.

At least Carbine studios is giving players options. If you want to spend real world money for in game items you’ll buy Carbine Coins. If you don’t want to spend real money, but still want those optional items you can grind for those special Omni-Bits in game.