From the original designer of Gears of War- Law Breakers

Cliff Bleszinski, one of the original creators of Gears of War, launched his own game studio a few years ago after a falling out with Epic Games named Boss Key Productions. He’s been very hush hush about what type of game his new studio was making until now. This week they announced details about their new game Law Breakers.

LawBreakers is a competitive, team-based FPS set in a future world, where gravity has been changed forever by a cataclysmic event known simply as "The Shattering". Society has been split into two factions - one that aims to keep the peace and uphold the law, and the other that's formed a highly-organized crime syndicate determined to break it. Both sides use new-age technology to manipulate gravity and the human body to achieve nearly super-human goals - and both sides are fighting for control.