Supergirl pilot leaks online, We watched it

CBS recently picked up the series Supergirl and produced a pilot episode for the Upfronts. The upfronts are a huge event where advertisers check out upcoming television shows and decide which ones they want to spend their ad dollars ($20 billion last year) on. In an attempt to drum up support for the series, and hopefully ad revenue, CBS released a trailer for the series that met luke warm reviews. Many fans compared the trailer to a mash up of Smallville and the Devil Wears Prada. Only a few days after the less than well received trailer was released the full pilot episode of Supergirl was “leaked”. While leaks in general are not good, they spoil storylines and reduce official sales, this one may pay off for the series.

The leaked Supergirl pilot has no watermarks according to analysis done by TorrentFreak and they speculate may have been leaked intentionally to show the fans the dedication of the creators to comic material and create support for the series which would only lead to an increased advertising.  

Our Opinion of the pilot

Without spoiling the fun for those that want to wait the 6 months till the series officially launches on CBS, it was super. Kara Zor-el, or adopted girl Kara Danvers, walks the line between superhero and twenty something trying to figure out life. The pilot has plenty of super hero action. Good fight scenes. However, it also has decent drama that will appeal to anyone that enjoys watching Gilmore Girls style emotional conflict and resolution. There is also a lot of set up for future plot lines, both emotional and action oriented. The Supergirl pilot clearly puts to rest concerns fans had after the trailer released and shows how the series can successfully combine apparent disparate elements. Most importantly, the pilot made us want to watch the next series. We look forward to watching Supergirl again in six months.