Respawn: 18 and Up (Respawn LitRPG series Book 3)


Targets come in all kinds. Some fall prey to those holding a gun for the first time. Others cannot be defeated even by the most experienced shooters in the world, unless their luck comes to save the day. Cheater’s accuracy is unparalleled, and Lady Luck is on his side. He has all the marks of a champion, and champions never miss.

The true aim of his heart, though, is not one that can be hit with a single fortunate shot. No, she is far to the west, beyond several of the Continent’s most dangerous locations: the bleak boundaries dividing regions from one another. Solo veteran immunes are little more than clumsy chunks of meat in such places, never mind brash newcomers like Cheater.

But Cheater’s not going solo. He has an experienced friend. But loyalty is hard to verify, and you never know when a friend might disown you simply for failing to complete his task by its deadline.

My Opinion: 270 pages, $5.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

I know I'm likely in the minority here, but I always enjoy this series. It's a slice of life RPG apocalypse with the twist of adding in a temporal reset upon death to the beginning of the Apocalypse. It has a unique time reset aspect tried to the respawn system allows for a lot unique directions for the story to go. You can also just jump into just about book in the series without really needing much info. Just that when players die they respawn back at the beginning of the apocalypse. There's kind of a series goal but not really.

Still, each novel has lots of action that ramps up as the story goes on, always culminating in this big ending.  Book 3 is no different. There is a bit more solo survival stuff in book 3 but you’re still getting good fights against  zombies, worse monsters, and other players. The RPG stuff is on the lighter side, rewarding wins and loses with various stat and level gains, with a minor morality system with humanity points. Still, there is some RPG mechanic theorizing and planning here.

Overall, I liked this one a little more than book 2. Likely because of the faster paced opening. Still, the story has good action-adventure, decent RPG stuff, and always an interesting story. Be aware, that the story has more typos and errors than most, but that’s because it’s translated from Russian.

Score: 7.4 out of 10

Respawn: 18 and Up (Respawn LitRPG series Book 3)