Jade Wolf: Awakening


Kinzu always wanted to see beyond the fishing village he grew up in. Studying the warrior arts, he plans to leave his small village to seek training from one of the other clans and expand his worldly experiences.

When catastrophe strikes, the young man is thrust into the world with only his skills, a mystic blessing and a small pack on his back.

Kinzu will be swept up on a journey, taking him from his simple village to clans of orcs, elves and other fantastic creatures. He will fight monsters and train for his very life as a dark plot curls around the world of Kiras.

Can Kinzu use his wit, skills and luck to survive before a terrible darkness threatens to consume all?

My Opinion: 169 pages, $2.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

Review written by Ian Mitchell

I liked Eden's new cultivating gameLit book. It has a different take on things that expands the genre(s). Quite a bit of this first story is on the road with an increasing party of travelers. I found the part at the end when we get to find out more about why this trip was so difficult. It's the first SFW story with a young adult feel to it.

Score 8.0 of 10

Jade Wolf: Awakening