Distortion (Somnia Online Book 5)


Well, she's not dead. That's better than Murmur expected. But after Telvar cast her out of the game with all her strings attached, Murmur has more than in-game death to deal with. When some of the abilities of Somnia remain with her, Murmur must figure out where she ends and the game begins.

But even as she realizes the complicated nature of her connection to Somnia, more elements of the virtual reality begin to snag. The race for keys continues, and time is running out. Murmur begins to suspect Fable can’t manage the next tier of dungeons alone before the system's instabilities risk inescapable cascades.

While Fable struggles to keep their head start, game elements run off script and leave Laria and Shayla floundering for answers. For every problem they solve, two more appear in its place. If they’re not careful, the whole of Somnia will be corrupted.

Review written by Ian Mitchell

Distortion was very immersive for me. It flowed well and was really hard to put down (for little things like eating). The intensity and feeling of danger really comes out. If the guild didn't goof around it would be too grim. The various combats bring back memories of times spent in mmo dungeons. Great reading. You can do it Wren! Save the game! Save your friends. Save yourself. This is a great series. Don't miss it.

Score 8.3 of 10

Distortion (Somnia Online Book 5)