Freedom Online: The Copper Rose: A LitRPG Fantasy


Freedom Online: The Copper Rose is the story of a virtual world that is populated by all kinds of mythical beings along with a playership that is somewhat less than savoury. Imagine that you have been placed in a world that rewards actions of all kinds but seldom punishes anything. Without rules and boundaries the human race is left craving a sense of limits, something to rebel or fight against and as that bar is constantly moved or in this case, removed, the results are somewhat alien.My story is that of being placed in an unknown world. where anyone could be friend or foe and I use the mechanics of Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer, and Strategy games to build a home for my newfound friends and I. Jealousy and revenge are powerful motives for violence though, and ones that I could find difficult to evade.Includes character stats, settlement building, skills & levels and combat statistics.

My Opinion: 332 pages, $3.81, Available On Kindle Unlimited

The beginning of the story is a bit brutal but sets up the bad guys. However, most of the novel is really this slice of life town building story. There's not much plot and only vague threats from the bad guys. Still, the town building elements are well thought out and thorough, if fairly reminiscent of the ones seen in Life Reset.

Overall a good story if you’re in the mood for a town building story, just don't expect much else.

Score: 7.3 out of 10

Freedom Online: The Copper Rose: A LitRPG Fantasy