Tales And Schemes: L


Goodmen, beware,

L is no hero. Some spun tales of his deeds benefiting one circle or another, but in the end, his actions benefit none but himself, for any particular occasion where his farce contributes something of substance, it would be nothing but a false, perpetual coincidence, hiding naught but the blatant desire of chaos and depravity. There is no heroism in his dark deeds, to his twisted lies and fabricated truths. We have seen his kind before, have felt the typhoons they are born within. He, through and through, to the smallest pieces of his wretched blood cells, is a lecherous entity which does not care for the world, his, ours, or the people that reside within it--if he even considers them to be so. My unreliable sources have shown otherwise.

This is not a heroic tale, yet I hesitate to deem it villainous either, for his intentions are incomprehensible. I retrieved his history from the fires he laid behind him, from the ruination of his tongue and sword, but his House is a subject in which even I do not dare to tread about. Let a different dolt ravage their mind in separating their fictions from their sins. I repeat, foolhardy learners, that this is a tragedy about an extremely patronizing human-like figure, who seems to account for naught but his own whimsical, impetuous, sinister desires; no matter the unfortunate outcome, for him, or for others.

Yet there, within the tribulations, lies a wicked lesson. It is hence I sacrificed my clear-mindedness in inscribing this, in an attempt to whisk the ramifications from the muck and excrement.

I have failed.

Goodmen, stay away, for insanity beckons his footsteps. They reside within his words, within his acts, and within his story. It is here, on these rotten pages in this very tome of misery.

Goodmen, I beg of you: Beware and begone.

My Opinion: 509 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Oh my gosh this is such a wordy story. The beginning has such long winded dialogue and monologues that it drove me a little crazy. I mean, do you really need to have 35 pages for character creation because you’re talking to the game A.I.? The rest of the novel suffers from similar issues. Anytime there’s any dialogue it seems like it lasts at least 5 pages per conversation.

The game mechanics in the story are fine, nothing fancy. The main character gets a unique race and title, and he learns lots of skills from experimentation and killing stuff. But there’s really no point to the story. The combat doesn’t start till sometime about the 20% or about 100 pages into the story, which is way too long. But from there on fights happen fairly regularly. But again, there’s just no reason for it, especially some of the darker scenes. They don’t add anything. Story-wise, there just isn’t one to speak of. There is some good dark humor and decent fights, but it all seemed without purpose.

Overall, I was generally just bored with the novel.

Score: 5 out of 10

Tales And Schemes: L