Providence Online: A LitRPG Saga


Transported to a foreign world against his will, a young man enters a deadly game orchestrated by forces far beyond his comprehension, for reasons far beyond his understanding. Time and space is rendered meaningless in a world where only the strongest survive, and where the grand prize is unspeakable riches or a leap into the future.

The words of the mysterious GM rings out -

"Players! The Realm of Meliora is yours to explore, to either build or destroy as you see fit. It is yours to set your rules and your destinies, your villains and your heroes, your monsters and your gods. How you advance is entirely of your own making, and from this point on, the game has begun."

"Win or lose. Live or die. The choice is yours."


My Opinion: 120 pages, $3.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

This feels like a collected serial story that was written over a couple of years. Each chapter seems to skip significant amounts of time ranging from days to months, which makes the chapters feel disconnected from each other because the skipped time is barely filled in.

The RPG game mechanics exists and there is technically some progress since the main character (MC) gains levels and skills. However, there’s no depth to the system and there’s very little detail about how the MC levels, it’s just summaries that he did.

Storywise, it’s scattered. It starts with an ill explained transported to a game world contest with people from various time periods. If they beat the simulation they either go back home or to the future. There’s also some odd thread about the players being pulled from future descendants DNA. It’s again, not clear. Then the story just becomes some slice of life thing with the MC and his friend in various situations that they overcome by chance or with a little fighting. But each chapter skips time with the MC becoming more powerful, but the reader not ever seeing how.

For me, the story got boring since none of the stuff I really love about LitRPG showed up. No deep game mechanics or engaging story.

Score: 5 out of 10

Providence Online: A LitRPG Saga