The Dungeon's Burden (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 4)

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It's the final battle.

The Empire's plans have come to fruition. Duran has fallen, and with it the other city-states of Nehatra. Only the dungeon town remains safe, but for how long? While the leadership struggle to deal with the crisis, the dungeon dwellers watch on. As Doc continues to unlock new slime evolutions, Rowen deepens his bond with Milly, and the two experience much together. When the final attack begins, will Rowen and Doc stand with the townspeople? Why has Doc been framed for murder? Who is the traitor lurking in the shadows?

Everything comes together in this final, epic tale of dungeon glory. The chronicles end here, but the war, and the dungeon, have only just begun.

-Includes complete list of slimes.


My Opinion: 540 pages, $4.49, Available on Kindle Unlimited

As of this review the novel is listed as #1 Spine-Chilling Horror ?? I guess amazon thinks this is a horror novel. Though in the first couple chapters some guys do get graphically devoured by the dungeon monsters.


This is a pretty easy review. The slime dungeon chronicles has long been a favorite series of mine and this is an enjoyable ending to the series. That’s right. This is the end for this series.  You have to read the end of the novel to learn the author’s future plans.

There are some nice sub storylines in the novel. Some that are funny, sad, and even a little romantic. There’s political intrigue and some nice new slime evolutions. However, there is very little dungeon diving this time but it’s explained why in the story.

Instead, most of the story is a huge setup for some majorly awesome fights that occur in the last 25% on the novel. But boy is the wait worth it. That last 25% is a near constant stream of action and cool plot twists. Really good stuff and a good way to end the series.

Score: 7 out of 10.

The Dungeon's Burden (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 4)