Gamer Girl in the Orc King's Harem

Gamer Girl in the Orc King's Harem.jpg

In the Player vs Player MMORPG game Battle for Glory., it is kill or be killed. As the wizard's favorite apprentice, Carly is kicking butt and taking names. She is besieging a castle when her old company comes to her foe's rescue. The up and coming warrior-mage is quickly cut off from her troops, killed, and sent to a new respawn site insanely far away.

Carly is now not only trapped in the game forever, but stuck on the other side of that virtual world as well. She's determined to get back home to her friends, but wizards, kobolds, drow, and the Orc King stand in her way. King Raax is the biggest, baddest orc she's met, and his castle-dungeon stand between her and success. What is an ambitious elfmaid going to do, but accept all challenges!

This LitRPG book is adult themed, both bloody and sexy. Prudes and the squeamish should avoid lest your hold on sanity be shaken.


My Opinion: 100 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A sex story with some potentially interesting adventures between romps. Super light on the RPG mechanics but enough to qualify as LitRPG. Though the actual game mechanics don’t always make sense. Outside of sex, the MC mostly wonders around a new port city until she’s captured by orcs while trying to rob them. Then she’s a sex slave. The very end is a decent twist but doesn’t really make up for the rest of the lackluster story.

Score: 5 out of 10.

Gamer Girl in the Orc King's Harem