Earth's Gambit (The Gam3 Book 2)


The Earth has changed. War is now fought in an alien virtual reality—the Game—where many of the players are anything but human.

Now part of the Black Rose guild, Alan heads to the Academy to level up and get stronger. He hopes to make allies and learn skills to win the battles to come. But with everyone pursuing their own agendas, what can one gamer do in a universe he still doesn’t fully understand?


My Opinion: 412 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

There’s a nice summary at the beginning of the novel about the events of book 1. Great way to help the reader recall what’s happening.

(Slight Spoilers ahead)

Once the recap is finished it jumps right back into the story, picking up where the end of book 1 stopped. Alan, having joined the Black Rose Guild, is on his way to the Academy. A high end facility that trains players using a unique system of instruction.

The first 20% of the novel is Alan and his A.I. Eve at the Academy training various skills and abilities. I loved it. I’m a fan of skill training, especially for this character since he has such a neat class.

About 23-58%, things start to feel a little rushed. I think this is where the author got a little stuck while writing and the transition into the next arc of the story feels awkward. Not bad. But you can tell the author’s struggling a little to figure out how to get the MC the skills he needs and transition into the war on earth.

-There’s some really great training here and I truly enjoyed the how hacking in the game is described like an RTS game.

At about the 58% mark, Alan is forced to choose sides in the War on Earth between the United World Government and the Legion of Man. He then travels back to earth, in game, and uses his new hacking skills to try and help his side win.

There are some really good action scenes in this last half of the novel and it didn’t end in a predictable manner.

Overall, I had a great time reading the novel and am just glad that it finally came out. I look forward to reading book 3.

Score: 8 out of 10.

Earth's Gambit (The Gam3 Book 2)

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