Forming the Company (Alpha World Book 2)

How does Alburet feel about Stacia suddenly becoming his Succubus? How will her family react to her sudden change? While trying to handle this sudden transition, Mindblown is also going to take the server down for maintenance.

Alburet will have to deal with emotional turmoil, all while continuing to play the game he has been sentenced to play for life. What else is about to change in Alpha World?

Mindblown announces the ability to form guilds. Alburet sees an opportunity to form a guild himself and takes it.

This is a continuation of the Alpha World saga. It contains real life situations, including sensual scenes that don’t get fully graphic but might make you uncomfortable. It also contains hunting monsters and gaining levels, but not at a breakneck pace.


My Opinion: 406 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full Disclosure. I received an early copy for review. I purchased the novel once it became available.

Also, there is sex in this story. Less sex than in book 1 but there are sex and BDSM explanation. The sex descriptions vary from Fade to black sex to graphic details. In comparison to the rest of the story, sex doesn’t happen often, one sentence every 10% or so. I skip the graphic, sex parts but there is an open discussion of sexuality and sex jokes are a regular part of the story.

In book 1. The main character Seamus, a former prison guard convicted of murder, volunteered to Beta test full-time immersion in an MMORPG. Once there he chooses to be a summoner named Alburet. He maximizes one of the seemingly weakest classes in the game and thrives. Not only that but he makes new friends, both player, and NPC. He even starts a romance with an NPC named Stacia. By the end of book 1, (Spoilers) it’s revealed that not only is Stacia part succubus but that she’s bonded to Alburet as one of his summonable demon minions.

In book 2, Alburet has to deal with this revelation but also decide how he wants to spend his time in the game long term. Will he continue to be a solo player or will form a guild and be a leader in the game world?


This is an enjoyable story. It jumps right into the game world and doesn’t leave, except for a few flashbacks. This entry into the series does not have a huge earth shattering problem to solve. Instead, it’s about Seamus getting a new chance at life as Alburet, the demon summoner. He goes on adventures and he expands his relationships with the digital citizens of this world.

Seamus / Alburet continues to adventure with a group of friends, gain levels, power up his minions, and deal with the emotional consequences of falling in love with an NPC. The fights are well thought out, though they still lack visceral descriptors. Alburet’s team fights some very interesting battles with some cool monsters.

There are a few sections that helped add to the main character’s backstory. I especially liked the few moments where the MC has dreams about what exactly happened that sent him over the edge and turned him from Prison Guard to Prisoner. There are even hints that the MC may not be remembering what really happened or he’s missed something important.

The relationships that the MC has with the A.I. NPCs in the game world expand and he starts to think of himself not as a visitor in some game but as a resident in a new world. Bob and Tiny, MC’s other minions, are still very fun characters.  

There are some hints in the story about things that may happen in book 3, including guild on guild fights, PVP, and expanded story with the Dark Lord. However, there is little advancement of those plot lines in this story. So, don’t expect it here.

Overall, good story.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Forming the Company (Alpha World Book 2)